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Epoxy Concrete Flooring

At Tillotson, we know you want to be proud and confident of your floor.

In order to do this, you need your concrete floors protected, clean and attractive. The problem is, most concrete floors look nasty and that makes you feel frustrated. We believe that you deserve to be proud of your floor. We get it – floor care is never convenient. That’s why we use epoxy concrete coatings to solve problems – just like this.

At Tillotson, we want you to be proud and confident in the appearance of your property. While concrete floors are the go to choice for many due to cost effectiveness and durability, they can be a hassle to maintain. Most concrete floors develop staining over time that can leave them looking sloppy and unclean. Trying to maintain nice looking concrete can be frustrating and feels like a losing battle! We believe that you deserve a better floor. That’s why we are adapting our epoxy coatings process to make floor care simple.

Here’s how we do it…

  1. Schedule your no obligation inspection.
  2. One of our trained professionals will inspect your floor and provide a detailed proposal highlighting the materials we know will work best for your property.
  3. Our crew will apply the epoxy coatings and fix your floor once and for all.

And in the meantime, download our free PDF: “Why Use Resinous Flooring Materials to Protect Your Concrete”. Stop those chemical spills from destroying your investment, and instead, keep your floor safe, spend your time on things that matter, and be proud of your floor again.

Don’t keep staring at dirty floors, contact us today!

Check out our customer resources to read about the protective coating systems we offer. Stop letting wear and tear, chemical spills, and staining destroy your investment. Be proud of your floors again!